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We're taking a break!

Due to all the stress caused by Brexit and the customs procedures we are going to take some time off from all Removals.  We will finish the jobs we have started but will not be taking any new business. Storage will continue as normal.

Only Europe!

Mostly France!

So, Brexit has happened and we are managing to makes some trips to and from France. There are a lot of things to think about, if you are moving home to live it is much easier, if you have a holiday home things are a bit more tricky.  Speak to us before you get too far down the line.

We have started a relationship with customs agents in the UK and in France, they are all very busy with the new influx of work so it is difficult for them at the moment.  This should get better with time. You, with our help, will need to make a customs export and a customs import, which is why an agent is required both here and at the other end.  So France, Italy or Spain etc. You will need lists, proof of addresses, transfer of residency documents, copies of passports and various declarations for the customs agent. 

All these things take time so please get in touch early!

A.W. Wheadons and Sons was established in 1957 by Albert William Wheadon and his wife Barbara, and is now run by their three sons, Mark, Simon and Brady, who have decided to put all their energy into European (mostly French) moves and no longer carry out UK domestic removals.  This means we are available to focus the business where we feel we can be most effective, using our wealth of knowledge and experience to assist customers with their relocation projects.

As a family business, the brothers are heavily involved in the day to day running of every project, and enjoy the hands-on approach they take.

At Wheadons we never use contractors for our work - all projects are undertaken by us.

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I'm Brady

We are taking a break from Removals in 2022. 

Just drop me an email with as much information as you have and I'll get back to you.

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